Unlock the Potential of Mobility for Your Customers

Create new business apps with our monitoring, location, and identity APIs!

Preview Release

Welcome to a preview of our developer portal. Feel free to take a look around a get a sneak peek at what is coming. We are working behind the scenes to prepare this for our customers and registered partners. Please get in contact with us if you have a ground breaking idea and would like to share it with our team.

A Powerful Developer Program

Our development partners create value-added solutions for our joint customers. They enable new applications, increase process efficiencies and open new business opportunities. Our developer program supports you so you can leverage our API Platform to its full potential and build the best apps possible. On our developer portal, you can access the APIs, documentation and a sandbox, get help with your questions, and learn about upcoming features. And our reference applications help shorten development time and demo sample use cases.

Learn more about our Application Platform here.